Support Front Line Healthcare Workers

Hello everyone, RND4IMPACT INC. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization that would like to purchase food supplies, masks, alcohol pads, wipes, goggles, etc. for our front line healthcare workers to better protect them and to stop the spread of this pandemic. Those infected by the Coronavirus need help from qualified medical personnel in order to survive.… Continue reading Support Front Line Healthcare Workers

Fundraiser For The Homeless

The simplest guideline to staying safe from the novel Coronavirus– i.e., ‘stay home’– may be easier said than done for the most vulnerable section of our society: the homeless. RND4IMPACT INC. recognizes this issue and the unique challenges this presents. While we scramble for toilet paper, the section of our society most vulnerable to Covid-19… Continue reading Fundraiser For The Homeless

Activities and Fundraisers

We have the supply, and we have overwhelming demand, so why are farmers throwing their produce away? The answer is a simple lack of infrastructure to bridge the gap that would allow the farmers to connect with food banks to get their surplus produce to those in need. Your financial aid will help bridge that… Continue reading Activities and Fundraisers