We have the supply, and we have overwhelming demand, so why are farmers throwing their produce away? The answer is a simple lack of infrastructure to bridge the gap that would allow the farmers to connect with food banks to get their surplus produce to those in need. Your financial aid will help bridge that gap at a grassroots level between the ones impacted and the farmers so the wastage of dairy products can be minimized while the needs of those dependent on food banks may be fulfilled during this crisis.

We hope that when you see it in terms of other people instead of just figures and numbers it will resonate with you more and you’ll be able to understand the figures a little better because when you hear 3.7 million gallons of milk you don’t really know how much that is or what the importance of that is. However, when you see it in terms of how many other Americans it could feed then it becomes significant and generates sympathy and hopefully attracts more donors to our cause. None of the existing articles or fundraisers have made this comparison as of yet, so I hope it is an interesting detail that helps us stand out a bit more.

Be advised any contribution you give does qualify as a year-end tax-deduction. We look forward to your support.