The simplest guideline to staying safe from the novel Coronavirus– i.e., ‘stay home’– may be easier said than done for the most vulnerable section of our society: the homeless. RND4IMPACT INC. recognizes this issue and the unique challenges this presents. While we scramble for toilet paper, the section of our society most vulnerable to Covid-19 still doesn’t have access to clean toilets. They sleep in parking lots and defecate in the open, since the shelters they once relied on are now understaffed due to the pandemic. The compromised health and immune systems of the homeless also put them at a significantly higher risk of both contracting and further spreading the virus. The federal government has designated $4 billion for their relief, and while may be seven times their usual allotment, it is still less than half of the $11.5 billion the National Alliance to End Homelessness projects will need. This is where RND4IMPACT INC. comes in. We are working closely with the Homeless shelters near our area, HomeFirst and LifeMoves to reduce these risks and we need YOUR financial support to make this a reality. Be advised any contribution you give does qualify as a year-end tax-deduction. Are you willing to help?