Hello everyone, RND4IMPACT INC. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization that would like to purchase food supplies, masks, alcohol pads, wipes, goggles, etc. for our front line healthcare workers to better protect them and to stop the spread of this pandemic.

Those infected by the Coronavirus need help from qualified medical personnel in order to survive. However, qualified medical personnel need high-class protective gear in order to help them.

The issue? There is a severe, and frankly unacceptable, lack of protective gear, especially masks, and medical personnel all around the world are being forced to improvise, putting their own safety on the line in the process, so that they can continue to help the infected.

The solution? RND4IMPACT INC. is raising funds to buy masks and other desperately needed protective gear, which will then be given to doctors and nurses in Coronavirus fighting hospitals such as Alameda Health System Foundation, Chinese Hospital, Kaiser Permanente and so on. The goal is $50,000, and if we fulfill this, thousands of lives could be saved. Can you help us to provide support to those facing the worst that Coronavirus has to offer every single day?

We are also going to purchase meals for hospital staff that are working without breaks to eat, prepackaged groceries, as there is no time to grocery shop between extended shifts.

This is a universal issue, and COVID-19 is ruthless and fast-moving. If it’s not your country in this position now, it very well could be in the next few days or weeks.

In Indonesia, doctors and nurses are being forced to use cheap, plastic raincoats, bought from the local markets, in place of proper protective gear. Some don’t even have that much, and instead resort to washing their uniforms after each use.

In the U.S. health care workers have resorted to reusing protective gear more times than recommended in order to reduce the demand. In the areas that have been very badly affected, they are using office supplies as a substitute of proper protective gear. Doctors and nurses have been left with no choice but to reuse gowns with different patients, and double up on the flimsy masks that you may see in a regular doctor’s office, rather than the advanced respirator masks that can actually protect them from the virus.

These are the extremes, but every country is suffering from the strain that COVID-19 is putting on the healthcare system and economy. A struggling economy means less money, and less money means less safety gear for the essential workers in the healthcare system.

It’s a tragic chain of events. First, people get infected, and the number of those people is snowballing as you read this – currently there are approaching a million cases worldwide, and only two eighths of them have recovered. Because there are so many people with the virus, more healthcare workers are needed, but because there are so many of them, and the demand is so high, there isn’t enough personal protective equipment to go around. As the number of patients grows, more and more medical personnel are falling ill with Coronavirus – in Spain, fourteen percent of all known cases are healthcare workers – which means there are less professionals to care for those in critical condition. In short, the number of patients is rising, and the number of available medical personnel is falling.

Please, help us protect these heroes working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak by donating to our cause. Are you willing to help?